I am Zhifeng Hu (胡志峰), or you can call me Jeffery which sounds very similar to my Chinese name.

I’m in my third year of studies towards a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Fudan University, and I am currently studying at the University of Edinburgh as an exchange student.

I am interested in the application of machine learning in natural language processing, more specifically, designing machine learning algorithms for discrete structures that help with the understanding of natual language. I also find my motivation in making something to help people work and live better with computers.


I was once a player in algorithm competition

  • 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Nanning, Gold Medal
  • 2015 National Olympics in Informatics, Silver Medal


  • I am going to take Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition and Compiling Technique at the University of Edinburgh this semester. [upd. 26/9/2018]
  • I am attending the EMNLP 2018 at Brussels! [upd. 31/10/2018]